To reduce the risk of injury, use of 
is highly recommended.
 Rollerblade Inc., the company that re-invented INLINE skating, has always strongly urged skaters to wear the proper safety gear. 

Here are some BASIC safety tips:
To get the full benefit of Essential Safety Gear :
a. Put your ‘gear’ on B4 putting on the skates;
                                        Skates should be put on LAST & taken off FIRST. 
b. Doublecheck the ‘gear’, so your ‘pads’ will work when u need ‘em;   
Be sure left & right Wrist Guards are on correct hands ( This is a very common mistake!)
Elbow and Knee pads should be big as possible, and tight as comfortable... so they won’t easily twist out of place. You should be able to put only 2 fingers between your chin and Helmet strap.
c. Learn   asap       &     

         Now here are some EXTRA safety IDEAS:        


1. the Bottle Back Pad
               By positioning a closed water bottle (with or without water) at the base of your spine, you can land on a cushion of air,
 in the event you fall flat    on your derrierere.

2. Shoe Hip Pads
       By positioning and securing rubber-soled shoes (such as water moccasins) on your hips, you can create a cushion between your hip bones and any hard surfaces.   

3. Doppler“Hand Horn”
          By striking the hard surfaces of your wrist guards together, the ‘doppler effect’ can announce your moving presence to others who will hear you before they see you.
 This technique is MOST useful when approaching ‘free roaming’ toddlers & unaware tricycle riders. Use your Hand Horn in tight situations when pedestrians could turn and step, unintentionally into a skater’s path .

INLINE Skating, like all in-motion sports, has inherent dangers, so it can never be a completely ‘safe’ activity.